How To: Conserve Mobile Battery Life

Anthony Beyer TechDisplay brightness.

With technology evolving daily, our screens are getting bigger and brighter each year. The only negative to this presently is the battery life on our phones are not being able to keep up with the additional power needed to run these features.  Reducing the brightness of your phone screen will help to improve battery life. You should also try and refrain from using automatic brightness settings on your phone because it uses the phones sensors which actually drains your battery faster than adjusting it on your own.  

No service.

Nowadays your phone is useless with out a connection to the internet. You probably noticed that your battery drains faster when your signal is going in and out. This is happening because the device is continuously looking for a signal while trying to communicate with a cell tower.Turning your phone on airplane mode or connecting to a Wi-Fi network will help save your battery in the event you are lost and need navigation home.

Streaming video and games.

Do you love playing mobile games? Do you enjoy watching video on your phone? Well these activities drain more than 50 percent of phone battery life.  If you know you are an going to spend a lot of time watching video on your phone consider getting a portable juice pack or charger to take with you while you are on the go.

GPS and location services.

You ever wondered why your phone always seems to be close to death when you are lost and stranded?  The GPS and navigation app you are using to get home are to blame. Location services, which allow location-based apps and websites like Foursquare, Google Maps, and the camera to access your location, can quickly drain your battery.

If you can keep the geotagging to a minium it will help keep your device from dying.   You can also  try disabling the location features for certain apps and services in the settings menu of your device.

Background data.

If you are the type of person who needs alerts and reminders throughout the day, this may be can  leading to battery drain and even data overages. I recommend setting certain apps to only update and refresh over Wi-Fi, or not at all.